ADVENT CALENDAR: Day 18 / Be in your own power


In this photoshoot, we focus on bringing out the part in you that you may have been hiding or maybe have never even dared to explore.

So easily we put ourselves into a box that limits us not only in the way we dress and wear make-up, but also in the way we behave and feel about ourselves. We are SO MUCH MORE than just a few tiny things that we have allowed ourselves to be.

YOU are everything. You can be anything you want. 

Just let yourself be seen. But most importantly let yourself be seen by you.

If this speaks to you, this photoshoot is for you. Here’s more info:


Set yourself free from limitations.
Set yourself free from expectations. 
Set yourself free from your mind’s prison and let yourself be the woman you’ve always wanted to be.

With power photography we release these parts of you that you’ve been hiding or haven’t explored.
That part can be anything, it’s up to you and only the sky is the limit.

The photoshoot includes:
-1hr of photographing
-10 digital files

ONLY TODAY (Tue 18th) FOR 249€
(normally 479€)

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