Lotta N. – a.k.a. Super Woman

Lotta is a Super Woman.

She’s educated, married, has four children and still continues to work – all in the ripe old age of 34. And yet she still experiences inferiority. This is a feeling she doesn’t want to pass on to her children which is what’s pushing her to seek solutions. And that’s how Lotta ended up taking part in the challenge I had with the Finnish women’s magazine Me Naiset.

Lotta was bullied at school which left marks in her self-esteem. Although she’s had many successes in all areas of her life, they still haven’t been strong enough to conquer the underlying feeling of inferiority.

The photoshoot with Lotta was relaxed and pleasant. She’s calm, respectful and friendly, and it’s easy to be around her. She has gorgeous, sparkly eyes and amazing cheek bones and smile. Lotta is also tall and carries herself beautifully. All in all she’s a gorgeous, beautiful woman. And it was a pleasure to photograph her.

Thank you, Lotta for the application and for an opportunity to get to know you. I hope that the experience will keep bringing a smile to your face for a long time to come and that the photographs will function as a reminder of your bravery, determination and inner strength. Because you’ve got so much more of it than you think.

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Bullies rarely understand the pain they’ve caused since their actions are usually sparked by their own pain. This is when the pain they’re causing others functions as a cover for their own pain although in reality it only worsens it.

Basically it’s this idea of “if you can’t lose weight, make your friends fat.”

Unfortunately not all bullies ever wake-up to realize the consequences of their actions nor to regret them. Thus it’s pointless to be waiting for an apology that might very well never come.

Forgiveness is something that should be done for your own sake. It no longer has anything to do with the bully. Forgiveness heals you. It helps you to get rid of bitterness and hatred, both of which only work to diminish joy in life.

There’s a reason why they say that

resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.


A good start for forgiveness is writing a letter. You’ll use this letter as a way to write down all of the things this person did to hurt you. After that, you’ll write down all of the good things that has followed it. And end it with forgiveness. You won’t mail this letter so feel free to destroy it.

Repeat this exercise, if not daily, then every other or third day, until you start to notice that the feelings of bitterness and hatred have begun to diminish and peace has begun to take their place. This is a long process and definitely won’t happen over night, so please don’t expect that. Stay focused and consistent and you’ll start seeing results.

This person no longer has any power over you. They cannot hold onto you anymore. But with bitterness you hold onto them. You’ve made a choice to give them power. Make a different choice now. Choose freedom. Choose joy. Choose love and peace.

Hit me up with a message by clicking here and let me know what kind of trust issues you’re battling with!

Until next time lovely,
With hugs,

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