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Order a handwritten letter for yourself or a loved one or even that semi-familiar neighbour of yours to bring hope and cheer up the everyday. As long as you have an address where I can send it to, the letter will be mailed.

Now for a limited time you can order the letter for expenses only. The price includes world wide shipping and material costs.

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Imagine walking to your mailbox to find a handwritten letter sent to you, with words of encouragement and hope in an area of life where you most need it.

This dream could come true, right now. All you need to do is tell me where you need the encouragement in, enter your contact information, pay 5€ and a letter will be sent your way.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!


I was waiting for your letter, and already the envelope itself caused joy, it was something sent just for me, uniquely packed. It was much more than I expected, it truly was light amongst this darkness. It’s good to have a moment for yourself and a reminder of what matters when nowadays we’re too busy and forget all about these small beautiful moments that we could be having. This could be really nice also for that elderly person who has no one to remember them or if you’re working abroad or just a little moment for yourself at work. Or to anyone if you feel like you need someone to give a little kick to say hey, it’s not that bad, there are many colors in the world, and it’s not worth it to get stuck but rather find a new direction. -Arja Korhonen

Made me so happy! The letter looked so pretty, I liked the artistic look of the envelope and the handwritten texts. -Doris Väisänen

Incredibly beautiful and stylish, but not in a superficial way. It brought a lovely surprise for myself, and if you knew a letter is coming, waiting itself would feel amazing. You would know something good is coming. -Heidi Lindholm

Happiness, joy and light! Genuine! (I have terribly missed traditional letters). I would recommend this service because letters are a disappearing folklore, and it was an enchanting, beautiful visual package. Cheers up, grounds and calms. Tangible, literally. -Riikka Reipas

It was amazing to find a letter in my mailbox. -Anonymous

When I got the letter in my mailbox, I automatically smiled on my way to my front door. I can’t remember the last time I received a letter. I was even a bit nervous opening it, and was just really taken with it and happy after I’d opened the letter. -Anonymous

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Pep-talk, Building up courage, Believing in yourself, Self-love, Other (please specify in comments section at check-out)


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