Kaisu: from (what she thought was) okay-looking to (what we already saw as) beautiful

The first time Kaisu and I were to meet, I was nervous.

Kaisu is an intelligent and ambitious architect – what if I couldn’t give her what she’s looking for?

This nervousness dissipated quickly as soon as Kaisu sat down in front of me. We connected right away and the getting-to-know-each-other-chat that regularly lasts for about 30-60 minutes, turned into a two and a half hour chat between friends.

We spoke about the photoshoot, of course, and Kaisu’s hopes for it. We spoke about Kaisu’s relationship with herself. We spoke about architecture (which is something I’ve been interested in ever since I was little) and its different trends. We spoke about relationships and everything that comes with them.

We spoke about anything and everything, and truly got to know each other.

I left this meeting feeling energized and happy – this is what my job is at its best. The connection that can be created so quickly between people is one of the biggest motivators I have in this job.

Who am I?

Photoshoot with Kaisu in Clarion Hotel Helsinki by Studio Metsä

Kaisu turned 50 this year.

Which was largely the motivation behind getting photos of herself – “who am I now that I’m turning 50?”.

Kaisu has always led with action, with doing. It’s been important to her to be appreciated and noted for her doing, not so much her appearance.

Now that the appreciation has long come from her work, Kaisu has started to consider her own relationship with her appearance. It’s never been a priority for her nor has she ever considered herself to be beautiful. It also has never been an issue for Kaisu, but come on now, every woman needs to feel beautiful (because we all are)!

Physically Kaisu has changed over the past year after she hired a personal trainer. The personal trainer helped her get rid of the last few kilos from her pregnancies and find the joy in exercise again. Even though Kaisu is now slim and healthy, she still isn’t entirely comfortable in her own skin.

She’s considered herself to be okay-looking but never beautiful.

(You can probably imagine how much I was looking forward to proving her otherwise!)

The magic of the photoshoot

Proving Kaisu she's photogenic in Clarion hotel Helsinki by Studio MetsäKaisu Studio Metsän Erika Lindin kuvattavana Helsingissä MuotokuvausPhotoshoot with Kaisu in Clarion Hotel Helsinki by Studio Metsä

On the day of the photoshoot Kaisu relaxed into the photos fast. Here’s something I admire in Kaisu: she’s used to taking the lead but she knew coming into this process that she needed to let go and this is precisely what she did.

She was on a completely new and unconquered territory for her but she handled it beautifully. She was glowing.

She accepted what came from within. She accepted that this is me, this is how I am and that is good.

We spent hours together photographing, talking and laughing – just like friends!

At the photo reveal Kaisu said to me, with such surprise and innocence:

I’ve never thought that I’m photogenic, but these photographs are proving otherwise!

And that’s the bottom line of my photoshoots. I think a lot of people come to me with doubts whether it’s really possible for their own photographs to be beautiful because they don’t believe they’re photogenic. And once they see the photos, they’re genuinely surprised because they think, damn, Erika was right, I am photogenic!

Being photogenic is about being who you are. And as you can see, Kaisu is a gorgeous, beautiful, courageous and confident woman.

So, thank you Kaisu for coming to me and giving me an opportunity to get to know you.

You are such a wonderful, wonderful woman and I have enjoyed our conversations enormously.

Kaisu Studio Metsän Erika Lindin kuvattavana Helsingissä MuotokuvausKaisu Studio Metsän Erika Lindin kuvattavana Helsingissä MuotokuvausKaisu Studio Metsän Erika Lindin kuvattavana Helsingissä Muotokuvaus

If you’re interested in being photographed yourself, or would like to ask me something (anything), you can contact me here. I promise I won’t bite ;)

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Until next time you lovely person you,

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