Blogging Challenge #5: THIS ONE’S FOR YOU.

In honour of it being Friday, I will keep this short and sweet!

(You’re welcome! ;))

If there’s one thing I know all of us entrepreneurs have in common is the endless, near obsessive, fascination with self-improvement because we understand that in order for our business to grow, we need to grow.

So today I bring you a book recommendation to aid you in your growing.

START WITH WHY (How great leaders inspire everyone to take action) by Simon Sinek.

It’s hard to make a case to someone that your products or services are important in their lives based on external rational factors that you have defined as valuable. However, if your WHYs and their WHY correspond, then they will see your products and services as tangible ways to prove what they believe.


This book will make you rethink your business and its values as well as understand more about your own behavior.

To illustrate the concepts in the book, check out this great animation I just found from FightMediocrity:

I hope this post has inspired you to help you and your business grow and find the right audience for your message. We all have a why, but some of us just have never stopped to think about it. How about this weekend you take some time for yourself and really think about why you are doing what you’re doing?

Until next time lovelies – enjoy your weekend!
xoxo Erika

Here are a few direct links to the book (just click on the name of the store) so you can BUY IT:
-Finland -> Adlibris
-Europe -> Amazon (UK)
-North America -> Amazon (USA) or Amazon (Canada)

2 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge #5: THIS ONE’S FOR YOU.”

    1. Erika / Studio Metsä

      Yes! I think it’s an important aspect to consider. After all we are all driven by the ‘why’ in our lives, but it is often too difficult to articulate.

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