ADVENT CALENDAR: Day 24 / Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve today.

*feel the monumental shift in this day*

The peace.
The quiet.
The calm.

You don’t need to do anything today.

You can stop with the “I should’s” and the “I need to’s” and just


You can breathe. You can relax. You can just be and enjoy.

No matter what the external circumstances are, you can make this day the best it can be by letting go of control. Things will unfold beautifully when you listen in on what you and your loved ones need today – on an emotional level.

Remember your safe word?
Use it.

Today is about love.
Today is about forgiveness.
Today is about joy.
Today is about care.
Today is about blessings.
Today is about peace.
Today is about presence.

You’ve already done everything.
Let yourself relax now.

Merry Christmas, you beautiful soul.

You’re on this Earth for a reason. Give yourself some love and care today. Then shower everyone else with it too.

Happy Holidays!

With love,

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